Quality Policy
Achieve sustained and profitable growth, by providing the best Quality and Services to consistently satisfy the expectations and needs of our customers.

Being the bearer of the “SHAFI” name, we at M.M.S.C understand our product quality is an integral part of our commitment to world - class product and customer services.

 For this we,

  • Manage our Company with utmost professionalism & maintain a level of quality which enhances the company’s reputation with its customer’s.
  • Develop organizational excellence and quality awareness through innovative process improvements and training programs to maintain the highest degree of professional and personal ethics.
  • Make every employee responsible for the quality of his work, which results in an environment of continuous improvements.
  • Update our product and services with innovation and latest technology.
  • Conduct internal Quality Audit.
  • Offer true value for money to our clients.
  • Focus on continuous improvements and maintain an affective quality system which complies with regulatory and safety requirements.
Environmental Policy  

MMSC is fully committed to:  

  • Minimize the impacts of its leather tanning and finishing activities on the environment. 

  • Protect the environment including health and safety of all its employees. 

  • Ensure prevention of environmental degradation, reducing waste and conserve environmental resources. 

  • Monitor periodically our machines efficiency and take prompt action to conserve electrical and thermal energy.

  • Comply, subscribed relevant environmental legislation, regulations and other requirements.

  • Continual environmental improvement in overall environmental management system will be achieved through structured environmental management program.

  • Encourage all its employees to comply environmental procedures.

  • Consider its environmental aspects and impacts, and develop program(s) to meet objectives and targets. These objectives and targets may be reviewed on periodic basis.

 It is emphasized that success of this policy will only be achieved with full compliance and personal ownership of every employee.

News & Events
Please visit us at APLF 2015 Hongkong, Hall No. 1-E- f-21/PK, from 30th Mar to 1st Apr, 2015.

Pakistan Fast Growth 100 Award-2013

Each year, M.M.S.C. puts on display, its leather products in the following events:

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